Are you interested to know about requirements for South Africa critical skills visa

South-Africa-Critical-Skills-Visa-ProcessSouth Africa government successful in identifying many areas of the South African work force which may be lacking the qualified as well as experienced staff. Therefore government has started giving the South Africa work permit. The candidates who are interested can apply for this Critical Skills visa and applicants are required to verify whether the occupation is listed on critical skills list.

The skills are required to help the country to grow and support the economic growth of the country. Which are required to attract from outside the nation’s border keeping this in mind the South Africa critical skills visa are given. This visa helps in attracting the foreign talent as well as the experienced applicants to specific areas to work in South Africa.

Requirements for South Africa critical skill visa:

  • Candidate need not obtain the letter of recommendation from the department of labour
  • South Africa critical skilled visa comes under this category of short term residency visa stream and allows the internationals to legally work as well as live in South Africa for a period of 5 years.
  • This visa also offers to apply for PR in the country.
  • This visa is granted based on the candidate being and able to prove that they hold the experience as well as the qualifications which are needed in certain fields of occupation that are listed in critical skills list.
  • Applicants can also apply for this visa without any job offer

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