Interested to migrate to Denmark? Apply for Danish Green Card

Denmark-Green-Card-visaPlanning to migrate to Denmark? Pondering for Denmark Immigration requirements.? Well, you are at the right place to know the entire details of Denmark immigration process and its requirements.

Denmark is a Nordic nation, and the country is relatively small. With low population and ample job opportunities, the country lures a number of overseas nationals not only from neighboring EU nations but also from various parts of the globe. Denmark is a hot immigration destination and grad to its sound economy as well as quality life style. This EU nation so much to offer to the immigrants and thus, it encourages overseas nationals to migrate and work in Denmark.

Why to migrate to Denmark.?

The below are the few reasons for why people aim to migrate to Denmark :

  • Ample job opportunities
  • Safe country to reside
  • Flourishing economy
  • Standard education system
  • Better public services
  • Quality life style

Why to Choose Denmark Greencard.?

Individuals, who want to explore better career opportunities in this Nordic nation, should apply for Greencard which is a point’s based system. Individuals are given points based on their personal and professional aspects, Under the Denmark Greencard scheme. This card allows skilled overseas professionals to stay and work in Denmark for a maximum period of two years, and prior to the end of visa validity; overseas nationals can extend their visa for extra three years.

New Danish Greencard point’s calculator system

From 1 January 2015, few reforms were made to the points based system. A new special version of Greencard scheme for international students has introduced. And, the points for Greencard scheme will be awarded based on the factors such as Education level, adaptability and language skills.

Denmark Immigration requirements

Overseas nationals need to meet the below requirements in order to obtain Danish Greencard:

  • Applicants must score minimum 100 points in the points test
  • Should hold adequate funds to sustain in Denmark during their first year of stay
  • Hold health insurance coverage
  • Must earn minimum DKK 50,000 during their initial year

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