Know How to acquire Denmark Green Card ?

Danish Green Card to Migrate & Settle in DenmarkDenmark has few points which are based on Immigration scheme for skilled professionals. These are the countries  which are welcomed by Denmark for points based immigration are UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Green Card holders of Denmark can get a three-years of resident-permit for the purpose of seeking job as well as for residing in their country. These residence and work are based on the point system of the Denmark.

These points also include education level, language skills and also work experience and many more. Based  on these points mainly green card is issued to the applicants. This program offers bonus points for immigrants applicants who have already worked in Europe. Therefore this will be a better opportunity for an applicant to migrate to Denmark under Danish  Green Card.

Green Card of Denmark can accompany Spouse and Children:

If you are enrolled under the Denmark Green Card scheme, your spouse, partner as well as children under age of 18 are also eligible for the resident. But you have to reside with the partner registered address until the permit is valid.

Requirements for Denmark Green Card:

  • A valid passport
  • Documents of all educational certificates
  • Documents of all work experiences
  • Documents of language skills
  • Adequate funds
  • Health certificate

The Duration of the Green card Scheme  can be approved up to two years and extension will be up to three years. In order to get certified in Denmark Green card Scheme you need to obtain at least 100 score points. An applicant should have a health insurance along with it.

These are the important points in acquiring Denmark Green Card.

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