Know about Hong Kong QMAS Requirements before you apply

Hong-Kong-Quality-Migrant-Admission-SchemeWould like to migrate to Hong Kong for the purpose of employment? Then, you should obtain Hong Kong QMAS visa. The count of people preferring for Hong Kong immigration is increasing from past several years due of the exceptional career opportunities.Initially the nation is known as a best tourist hot-spot for luring a large number of tourists each year. Conversely, the nation has now become has one of the top immigration destinations for overseas nationals for the purpose of work. Abroad nationals who want to migrate to Hong Kong should apply for a Hong Kong QMAS visa.

Hong Kong QMAS visa :

Hong Kong QMAS is a quota based scheme seeks to entice foreign skilled to migrate to Hong Kong to work and improve the country’s economy. Hong Kong QMAS is a point’s based system where an applicant needs to get minimum points in order to immigrate to Hong Kong. After getting qualifying in the points based system, applicant’s Hong Kong QMAS visa will move for further visa process.

Hong Kong QMAS requirements:

Below are the requirements, an individual must meet in order to obtain Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme visa

  • Age over 18 years
  • Adequate finance to stay in Hong Kong
  • No crime records
  • Competent in English and Chinese languages
  • Good educational background generally a first degree from a tertiary educational institution or a standard university

Hong Kong QMAS points calculator:

Individuals do not need a prior employment offer to migrate to Hong Kong under QMAS. However, they need to meet the requirements of Hong Kong QMAS and qualify in the General Points Test or Achievement-based Points Test. Minimum qualification points for General Points Test is 80 points out of 165 points, whereas for Achievement-based Points test, 165 or 0 points will be allotted.

So, meet the requirements as well as get through the points system to migrate to Hong Kong successfully.

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