Did you know that Hong Kong QMAS visa do not require a prior job offer

Hong Kong Immigration through QMASIn these recent times, a majority of people representing varied nations, cultures, languages and ethnicity have commenced to walk towards honesty. Those people are resorting to diverse countries across the world, for livelihood and employment. And Hong Kong an admired power house in China is becoming as a most-sought after destination for such people.

Recently, according to the reports, Hong Kong has witnessed immigration on a rather massive scale. And, Hong Kong QMAS visa has taken the initiative to maintain the record of immigration.

Hong Kong QMAS

Hong Kong QMAS is a quota-based entrant scheme is an initiative to seek and lure overseas nationals to enter and work in Hong Kong in order to boost its country’s economy in the global market. Immigrants do not need a prior job offer to migrate to Hong Kong under this program.


The following are the requirements for Hong Kong QMAS visa:

  • Applicant’s age should be minimum 18 years
  • Applicants should hold enough funds
  • No crime records
  • Must be proficient in either English or French language
  • Must have a good education background, usually a first degree from a standard university or a tertiary educational institution

Besides complying with the above requirements, individuals should also undergo points system successfully in order to migrate to Hong Kong as a skilled worker.

Hong Kong points system

Prospective applicants need to undergo points system to acquire Hong Kong immigrant visa. The General Points Test and Achievement-based Points Test are the two point based tests for Hong Kong immigration, applicant should get through any of these tests to obtain a visa. For General Points Test, minimum 80 points will be required out of 195 points and for Achievement-based Points Test 195 or 0 points will be awarded.

If you are interested to migrate to Hong Kong as a skilled worker, undergo points system as well as meet the requirements to get visa.

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