DO You Know How to migrate to USA with H-1B Visa ?

USA H1B VisaUnited States H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa which permit United States companies to employ international workers in special occupations that requires technical or theoretical proficiency in special fields such as engineering, mathematics, architecture medicine and science. Under US H1B visa, United States Company can employ international workers for 6 years.

Applying for non immigrant visa is generally sooner than applying for United States Green Card. Therefore H1B visa is famous for companies to bring in employment for long term in United States.

Every individual is not allowed to apply for H-1B visa to allow and Work. The employer must appeal for entry of the employee. H-1B visas are issue to annual limits. Before the actual date start of the visa the United States employers can begin applying for the H1B visa 6 months.

At present according to the immigration law they allow 85000 new H1B visas to made and available for every year. Therefore this number includes 65000 new H1B visas issued for international workers in specialty occupation positions or professional. An additional 20000 visas are available with degree from United States academic institution.

Eligibility for H1B visa:

United States H-1B visa is designed for staff in speciality occupations. Therefore the applicant job must meet following criteria to qualify for specialty occupation:

  • Applicant must have entry requirement of higher degree or master degree
  • The degree requirement must be common to the job or industry and it can be performed by the individuals.
  • For the particular position the employer requires a degree
  • The knowledge associated with the degree must specialize and complex that it must require to perform duties associated with attainment of higher or bachelor’s degree.

And apart from this there are other specialty occupations that applicant must meet to qualify to accept job offer.

  • Applicant must complete United Sates higher degree or bachelors by the specific occupation
  • Must hold foreign degree equivalent to United States higher degree
  • Applicant must have training, education in the speciality that is equivalent to the degree

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