What you should know prior to applying for a USA Eb5 Visa

USA EB-5 Visa Do you want to migrate and settle in the US? Looking for swift path to get US permanent residency? If yes, then you can choose USA Eb5 Visa.

The USA Eb5 Visa is a most popular visa to obtain US permanent residency in a short span of time. This visa a portion of the US immigration policy that offers visa to potential investors to enter, invest and settle in the US. It is also a known fact that the rules and regulations of US immigration are a bit strict, still a number of individuals want to migrate to United States, with an aim to dwell in the US permanently. USA Eb5 Visa offer exceptional opportunities to the eligible people throughout the globe to obtain citizenship. The United States is a land of abundant natural resources, a supreme infrastructure, lifestyle as well as productivity.

What is USA Eb5 Visa

It is a USA Immigrant Investor Program, initiated by the government of US to fuel the nation’s economy by means of its capital investment and job creation by overseas investors. Immigrant Investor Program is a perfect program for investors who want to enjoy the US Citizenship benefits. This investor program eases the process of re-applying for its extension. Under this category, applicant can attain US Citizenship via naturalization once they have effectively worked and resided in US for a period of 5 years.

USA Eb5 Eligibility criteria

 Meet the below criteria:

  • Established after 20 November 1990, or
  • Established on or before 29 November 1990, i.e.

1. Purchased as well as the present business is updated or modernized in such a way that a new commercial enterprise results, or
2. Extended via the investment so that a 40% increase in the net value or number of employees occurs

Alongside with meeting the above criteria, under the USA Immigrant Investor Program, an individual needs to comply with certain other requirements like creation of job and capital investment.

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