Migrate and Work in Canada through Dependent Work Permit Visa

Canada Dependent Work Permit VisaThis visa is a short-term visa that allows international students to live and work in Canada.

Therefore this not point based category and the applicants does not have to meet any points in order to qualify.

Canada work permit has two steps process they are: Applicant must have a letter of confirmation from HRSDC, Applicant must apply for Canada work visa and Canada work permit through Canada consulate.

From HRSDC (Human resource and skills development Canada) the applicant must obtain LOC.  Apart from this applicant also require short-term occupant visa to reside in Canada at an abroad Canadian visa office.  Applicant can also bring their dependents along with them. Partners and children may also eligible to study and work in Canada.

This visa is not for stable reside rather than the applicant must qualify under immigration category.  For that requirements if the applicant meets can stay in Canada permanently.

If the applicant is applying inside he/she must have an applicable study or work permit or the parents or spouse or Canada work visa. Candidate must have short-term occupant permit and it is valid for 6 months or more. Applicant must prove dwelling status in Canada therefore the main submission should passed certain stages.

Dependent Work Permit

The applicants can accompany the dependents as they apply along with the applicant Dependents include common law partner, spouse and children. Dependents who applied for Canada dependent visa are allowed to work in Canada

However, applicants need to meet some certain requirements in order to migrate to Canada under the family sponsorship category.

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