All you need to know about Denmark Green Card

Denmark Green Card SchemeAre you a skilled professional who wish to work in Denmark ? If yes, filing an application for Denmark Green Card makes your Denmark Immigration process easy.

Denmark Situated at the south west of Sweden and south of Norway, Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Being a European nation, Denmark is one of the most populous nations in the world for prospective immigrants. The country is known for its greenery, eco-friendly lifestyle, good work-life balance, and low crime rate. All these aspects made Denmark, a happiest country in the world. Denmark has designed many schemes to facilitate the movement of skilled workers into the country. Out of all these schemes, Denmark Green Card is the mostly preferred by skilled workers.

Denmark Green Card

Denmark Green Card is for individuals who wish to seek work in Denmark. A residence and work permit will be granted for the individuals who qualify under Denmark Green card scheme. If you obtain a residence permit under Denmark Green card scheme, you are not required to obtain a work permit. Denmark Green Card holders can work in the country either on paid or unpaid basis.

Denmark Green Card points calculator

Individuals applying for Denmark Green card need to qualify in Denmark Green card point’s calculator. Denmark Green card point’s calculator is a system in which applicant’s eligibility in immigrating to Denmark is evaluated under certain set of factors. Applicants who get qualified in Denmark Green Card points calculator will be allowed to migrate to Denmark successfully.

Denmark Green Card selection factors

In Denmark Green Card point’s calculator, points will be allotted based on certain factors which include:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Nature of adaptability
  • Age criteria
  • Language skills

In order to qualify in Denmark Green Card Points calculator, applicants need to score at least 100 points against aforesaid selection factors. Apart from this, Denmark Green Card applicants need to have full health insurance, which should include you and your dependent family members. Danish Green Card applicants need to hold sufficient funds to immigrate to Denmark successfully.

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