All You Need To Know About the Denmark Immigration through Green Card

Denmark Green Card Points CalculatorWith the low crime rate, better public health services and the enviable environment the Denmark has emerged to be an enviable destination for immigrants from all over the globe.  Individuals residing in this nation are enjoying the feeling of safety and security. The Denmark Government also offers free welfare services to the people. All these benefits tempt overseas nationals to migrate to Denmark and work over there.

Denmark immigration

Denmark is a democratic nation with a number of liberties ensured by the Danish government. Now-a-days immigration to Denmark is increasing steeply because of lack of skilled workers in various sectors, reputed education system, better public services and employment opportunities. The government is welcoming overseas skilled employees to migrate to Denmark in order to boost the country’s economy.

Denmark has structured various immigration schemes with an intention of making it simpler for highly skilled professionals from all over the globe to obtain work and a residence permit. Among various Denmark immigration schemes, the Denmark Green Card scheme is the most important for those Individuals who want to migrate to Denmark.

Danish Green Card Scheme

Denmark Green Card is specially designed to allure highly skilled overseas nationals from all over the globe. Under Denmark Green Card, a residence and work permit is granted for a period of three years for the purpose of working and residing in the country. Individuals in order to obtain Denmark Green Card, they need to get qualified in the Green Card Points Calculator, which assess the individual capability for Denmark Immigration.

Denmark Immigration points calculator

Denmark Green Card follows a point’s based system to pick the qualified third country nationals. The points will be awarded based on the personal and professional aspects of the individuals such as education level, language skills, age, adaptability and work experience. Applicants need to score at least 100 points in order to migrate to Denmark under the Denmark Green Card scheme.

Besides attaining sufficient points individuals must also meet certain requirements in order to get Denmark Green Card. Individuals should hold a complete health insurance covering his or her and any other family members until the individuals are covered by the Danish national health insurance. It is also necessary to hold sufficient funds.

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