Obtain Green Card for U.S. through EB-5 Investor Visa

USA EB-5 Investor VisaThe United States is a leading superpower nation in the world. It has a stable and flourishing economy, which has been attracting international investors since many years. As part of the country’s scheme to allure such individuals who are capable of investing in the U.S., the country has come up with the USA EB-5 Visa. Read ahead this useful piece of information in order to know more about this visa and its requirements.

USA EB-5 Visa

The United States has a great plan for an overseas investor that is commonly called EB-5 Investor Visa. This visa provides a way to acquire U.S Green Card for foreign citizens who are willing to make investments in this country. This Immigrant Investor Program is aimed to boost the U.S. economy via the creation of new jobs and capital investment. An EB-5 investor is an individual who invests in a new commercial enterprise as per the requirements. Such an enterprise means any activity undertaken to earn a commercial profit.

USA EB-5 Visa Requirements

In order to acquire the USA EB-5 Visa, one must meet certain eligibility criteria as mention below:-

  • Must be able to create or uphold a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for those individuals who qualify as U.S. workers. This should ideally be done within two years of being admitted to the country on conditional PR.
  • Must be able to preserve or develop direct or indirect jobs. Direct jobs are those which take qualified employees into enterprises started by the EB-5 investor through his or her direct investments. On the other hand, indirect jobs are those which are created after investment by an EB-5 investor for a commercial enterprise that is affiliated to a regional centre.
  • Should be capable of investing a minimum amount of $ 1 million whereas for a high unemployment or rural region, it is $ 500,000.

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