Planning to work in Hong Kong? All you need to know about Entrepreneurs visa.

Hongkong-Entrepreneurs-visaEntry for investment for international entrepreneurs Hong Kong has special migration visa persons who are interested to start a business can migrate to Hong Kong. This visa is essentially a type of work permit that is given to the owner of business as an employee of her/his Hong Kong Company.

The main criteria for granting the Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa lies in whether the applicant need to prove about the business importance to the economy of the Hong Kong. Applicants are allowed to bring their partner/spouse and dependent children under age 18 to Hong Kong. And the applicant is also eligible to apply for Hong Kong permanent residence in due course.  This visa is given for 1 year and is renewable thereafter as long as business remains viable.

Requirements for Investments :

There is no minimum asset obligation specified by the authorities when applying for entrepreneur visa. However at the time of processing the authorities will examine the business plan whether the funds are sufficient for that particular business or not. If the funds are sufficient the applicant can start business.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Applicant shouldn’t have any criminal record
  • Must have good educational background. Normally the applicant must have undergraduate degree in the relevant field. However if the applicant doesn’t have degree than he/she can submit the evidence of good technical qualification, achievements and many more.
  • Sufficient funds

Required documents from Applicants :

  • Complete application form
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of Identity card from Hong Kong
  • Proof of academic qualification
  • Copy of employment contract
  • Two years business plans with full detailed manner
  • Copy of proof of overseas residence

Required documents From Sponsor :

  • Completed sponsor application form
  • Copy of company’s business registration certificate

Therefore all the documents must submit in Chinese or English language. If the applicants get this visa they can stay in Hong Kong for at least 7 years and they are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

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