Planning to Work and Settle in Hong Kong ? QMAS Visa is best for you !

HongKong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme - QMASAre you planning to Work Abroad? Confused to choose top immigration destination? Well, Hong Kong would be right one to migrate to overseas for better career opportunities.

This country has become one of the most phenomenon places for visiting the attractions.

Migrate to Hong Kong :

With its advanced facilities, growing economy, rewarding quality life and so on, Hong Kong has turned to be one of the outstanding cities to live and work. Here comes unique scheme known as Hong Kong QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme) has been introduced to welcome.

The QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme) is an allowance based scheme in Hong Kong and it was implemented in the year 2006. This is meant for entrepreneurs and skilled individuals who wish to stay in Hong Kong to follow start up business and professional career.

Hong Kong QMAS Requirements:

Candidates should meet following QMAS requirements

  • Candidates must be minimum 18 years old at the time of filling application
  • Candidates must be capable of supporting themselves financially in getting accommodation
  • Candidates shouldn’t have any illegal record.
  • Candidates must have proficiency in Chinese, English.
  • Candidates must have good background when it comes to education, Applicant should have under graduate degree from recognized university or institution. If applicant doesn’t have certified degree from university he/she can submit professional documents.

Point’s calculator for QMAS:

Under point based test system applicants must meet minimum pass mark requirements. General points are given on the basis of number of factors such as language proficiency, Age, Professional qualifications/Academic, work experience.

QMAS for selected applicants:

Selected candidates under this program can bring their dependent’s or spouse. Every individual must able to support financially without depending on others.

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