Pre-Requisites for a United Kingdom Dependant Visa

UK-Dependent-Visa-Partner-Spouse-FamilyUnited Kingdom is one of the renowned and popular destinations to live, work and to settle. This world-class destination is surrounded with tranquil ambience, historical landscapes, resplendent natural attractions and vibrant cultures and traditions. Every year, thousands of individuals from across the globe flock to this peaceful nation to grab the opportunities that are being offered by its country and to enjoy its stunning provinces.

Guidance for Dependants of UK Visa

Who doesn’t like to bring, stay or live with their family members? If you are the one who is pursing your postgraduate studies since twelve months or are a permanent resident or the citizen of this country or a candidate sponsored by the country’s government, then your family members can apply for UK Dependent Visa. This special visa class is applicable for the dependents such as husband, wife, child under age 18 or civil partner for the permanent residence of the country.

An overseas national can make use of any of the UK Dependent Visa that is being listed below such as:

  • UK Tier 1 Dependent
  • UK Tier 2 Dependent
  • UK Tier 4 Dependent
  • UK Tier 5 Dependent

Out of all these, one of the most widely preferred visa option by an overseas national is UK Tier 4 dependent visas, as this visa class has an option of extension of duration of stay before it gets expired. But, dependents have some specific confines based on the relationship length that they hold with the citizen of the country and their age.

Benefits of UK Dependent Visa:

  • Dependents are allowed to travel and live in the country without any constraints for the length of time till the main applicant stays
  • Can undertake full-time or part-time employment in their stay duration
  • If he or she continues their stay in the country for more than five years, then they are allowed to apply for permanent residency of the country

Based on the applicant’s work status on the passport, an individual is permitted to work in the country. Planning to migrate to United Kingdom under the dependent visa category of the country? Then gain detailed cognizance on its visa options and norms before applying for a visa.

UK Dependency Visa Requirements

Following are the requirements that an individual must meet to make his or her immigration successful:

  • Must be able to demonstrate that he or she possesses sufficient funds to support themselves financially in the country
  • Valid passport of the country
  • Police clearance proofs
  • Evidences of health and character requirements
  • If you are applying as reliant of EEA citizen, then dependent child’s age must be 21

Based on the type of dependent visa you choose the criteria varies.

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