Qualify in Danish Green Card Visa scheme, to get entitled to work in Denmark

Denmark Green cardThe World’s happiest country – Denmark is an alluring niche nestled in the Northern Europe. From the lush greenery forests to advanced facilities, the Nordic nation has almost everything an individual require to lead a happy life along with the complete family.

Individuals, who would like to explore their possibilities in this amazing Nordic nation, can apply for Denmark Greencard. This Danish nation has attained an extensive fame for enticing the skilled immigrants by offering them a sufficient opportunity to seek their dream job and better quality of lifestyle.

Denmark Green Card

This is a residence and work permit introduced by the Danish government to lure skilled immigrants from every nook and corner of the globe. Danish Greencard is granted for the purpose of seeking a job and working in Denmark for a period up to two years, and it possible to extend the visa for further three years.

Requirements for Danish Green Card

Danish embassy considers points system, to grant Greencard for the applicant. In the points test, applicants need to score at least 100 points in order to obtain Danish Green card successfully. Points will be awarded on three aspects such as:

  • Educational level
  • Language skills and
  • Adaptability

Besides scoring 100 points, individuals should also take out a health insurance and hold enough funds to survive in the country during the first year.

Furthermore, after the grant of residence permit under the Greencard scheme, applicants need to move to migrate to Denmark and also settle their officially within a period of six months of getting their permit from the embassy. Additionally, applicants should have earned at least DKK 50,000 in Denmark, in a period of one year or less after being granted a resident permit.

Individuals, who meet the aforesaid criteria, can apply for Danish Green Card immediately. It’s a great opportunity to work and settle in Denmark so, grab it.

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