Quebec Skilled Worker Program Set to Open from Today

Canada-Quebec-Immigration-ProgramAccording to immigration – Quebec skilled worker program is set to open from today (4th November, 2015). Before the QSWP was known to be more compassionate version of its federal counterpart. This program is based on the point based system where points are given to the applicant’s:-


• Age
• Language proficiency
• Work experience.

According Quebec Skilled Worker ProgramMaximum 6300 applications will be received. In 2014 6500 applications are taken. This government has announced the application cycle will divide in to 2 divisions. The 1st division will start from today .i.e. November 4th 2015 to December 15th 2015. Therefore in first division they will accept three thousand five hundred postal applications. Whereas the 2nd division will start from January 18th 2016 to March 31st 2016. Therefore in second division they will accept two thousand eight hundred applications online.

Every single applicant should score 49 points while applicant with spouse or common-law must score at least 57 points. Once the candidates successfully completes medical and security examinations which were conducted by the federal government in order to attain permanent residence status.

Quebec government made few modifications in previous months. They removed the adaptability factor from the point based system. Therefore the candidates who applied before application cycle may now eligible to submit an application.

Applicants must satisfy minimum points then the candidate can gain extra points for accompanying dependent children. And for this program job offer is not required.

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