Quebec Skilled Worker Visa- Best Immigration Option for Skilled Professionals

Requirements for Quebec Skilled Worker visaPlanning to immigrate to Quebec under the Skilled Worker program? Want to know the requirements of Canada Quebec Skilled Worker program? Well, we are here to help you out by providing the required information about Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa.

Quebec has established a special agreement with the Canadian government with regards to immigration. The province has certain rules to choose overseas nationals wishing to settle in the province.

Requirements for Quebec Skilled Worker visa

 In order to apply as a skilled professional in Quebec, applicants:

  • Must file an application to the Quebec government for a certificate of selection (CSQ). The certificate serves as a proof that demonstrates Quebec has accepted you as an immigrant
  • If you were selected by the Quebec, then you must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)  towards Canadian permanent residency
  • Must have a medical exam and get police checks as part of the procedure
  • Must hold one diploma that is comparable to the Québec education system to a secondary School Diploma or a Diploma of Vocational Studies
  • Attained training and occupational skills that help you to get a job quickly
  • Applicants should have knowledge in French language

Quebec Immigration selection system

In order to qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, skilled workers need to attain adequate points under the Quebec Immigration selection system. Single applicants must score minimum 49 points, whereas, applicants with spouse or common-law partner must attain minimum 57 points.

Under Quebec Immigration selection system, points will be allotted for various attributes such as education, area of specialization, valid job offer, age, language skills, spouse or common-law partners, dependent children, adaptability and sufficient funds.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) confirms the selection of applicants who satisfy the Quebec immigration selection criteria. Processing times of Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa vary from one Canadian visa office to another.

Hope you got the required information about Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa.

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