Red White Red Card facilitates immigration process to Austria.

Austria Red White Red CardDo you want to migrate to Austria? Looking for best visa option for Austria immigration? Well, you are at the right page to know the complete details of Austria immigration and its visa options.

From striking natural landscapes to prosperous musical heritage as well as precious artistic tradition, Austria is renowned for its extensive range of tourist attractions. The country is most affluent nation across the world. Bounded with spectacular landscapes, mountain vistas, Austria has emerged to be most desirable destination even for immigrants.

Why Austria Immigration

At present, Austria is facing chronic skill shortages in various fields.  Recruiting skilled overseas nationals is the only method to sought-out this issue. Thus, the federal government of Austria has come up with the scheme called as Austria Red White Red Card that facilitates immigration process as well as lure skilled non-EU workers towards the country’s labor market force. The set of rules related to red white red card scheme has come into force on 1 July 2011.

 What is Austria Red White Red Card?

Austria Red White Red Card is issued for the skilled immigrants who would like to work and reside in Austria. This card is granted for a period of twelve months and enables the card holder to a fixed-term settlement and job offer by a specified employer.

Austria Red White Red Card Eligibility Criteria

Individuals need to meet the below eligibility criteria in order to obtain Austria Red White Red card:

  • Skilled employees in scarcity occupations
  • Other key employees
  • Highly skilled employees
  • Self-employed key employees
  • Graduates of Austrian universities and colleges of higher education

Requirements for Austria immigration

Besides meeting the aforesaid eligibility criteria, applicants need to meet the following requirements for thriving Austria immigration process.

  • Applicants must have enough funds i.e. for
    • Singles: €872.31
    • Couples: €1,307.89
    • Each child extra: €134.59
  • Applicant should have health insurance coverage
  • Adequate accommodation as per the local standards

Immigration to Austria under Red White Card scheme is a points based system. Thus, applicants must secure minimum qualifications points based on their eligibility criteria.

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