What are the requirements of Denmark Greencard?

Denmark Greencard   Planning to migrate to Denmark, but want to know the requirements of Denmark Greencard? If yes, here you will find everything about Denmark Greencard.

Denmark immigration 

Immigration to Denmark is a worthwhile opportunity that helps you to make the most of your life. Located in the northernmost part of Europe, Denmark is a Scandinavian nation that offers plenty of opportunities for skilled professionals. Denmark Greencard is the best option for highly qualified professionals that lets you easily immigrate to the country. With plenty of beaches and awesome culture, Denmark attracts people from all countries. Its long tradition of welcoming immigrants has encouraged many skilled professionals to migrate to this land.

Denmark Greencard scheme

With the intention to facilitate the immigration process for skilled professionals, Denmark has introduced the Greencard scheme, which is a residence permit that allows people to reside and work abroad. Individuals who got a residence permit under the Greencard scheme are not required to get a work permit. A residence permit under the Denmark Greencard scheme entitles you the right to undertake any paid or unpaid work.

Requirements of Denmark Greencard

There are certain requirements to be followed by the applicants of Denmark Green Card, which include:

  • Residing at an authorized address in the country in six months from the date of acquiring residence permit
  • Earned minimum DKK 50,000 in Denmark in the first year
  • Family members can accompany you if you adhere to above-stated requirements
  • Pass in points based system
  • Sufficient funds
  • Health insurance coverage

 Denmark Greencard Point calculator

Denmark follows a point based model to evaluate candidate’s eligibility towards Denmark immigration. It will assess the skills according to the criteria and allows points based on certain factors such as education, language and nature of adaptability. Candidates need to get adequate points to qualify under the Denmark Greencard scheme.

Hence, if you have the skills, then you can easily immigrate to the Denmark under Greencard scheme.

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