Requirements for Germany EU Blue Card

Germany-EU-Blue-Card-Visa-ProcessGermany is the most popular European nation with eighty two million population. Many people staying in Germany are non-Germans. Therefore this country provides many employment opportunities to the people.

 Many internationals are eager to reside in Germany for the purpose of working. Applicants who are interested to migrate to Germany on work permit can apply for Germany EU blue card.

Germany EU Blue Card:

Germany EU Blue Card is a special visa mainly targets skilled non-EU workers who have special skills, experience, and qualification and wish to work for country’s economy. This card is also applicable to the nationals who arrive the country form non-EU state and possess a Germany EU blue card.

In general this card is for 4 years and for shorter duration. Over skilled professionals aspire to gain PR under this category and can get thirty three months of employment in the country.

Application process:

Once the candidate issued a work visa where he/she applied then the applicant will also grant with a blue card. Once the applicant proves that she/he is registered in residence in Germany. Apart from this there are few requirements to be met by the applicant.

Requirements of EU Blue Card:

  • Applicant shouldn’t be EU national
  • Must hold a valid job offer
  • If the applicant doesn’t hold  a job province then a particular applicant must have an ability to prove that they are currently drawing minimum salary EUR 47600

In case professionals jobs of engineers, IT, scientists, doctors or mathematicians a lower salary limit applies which is of about EUR 37128.

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