Requirements to Migrate to Austria under Red White Red Card?

migrate-to-austria-red-white-red-cardAustria immigration is chosen by many number of overseas. As the country is offering tremendous career opportunities. Austria has launched an immigration program known as Austria Red White Red card.

Austria RWR card model is more flexible and efficient migration scheme for families who wish to settle permanently in Austria.

Requirements for Austria Red White Red Card :

  • Employment offer according to qualification and remuneration
  • Age
  • Educational qualification
  • Work experience
  • Language skills

About Austria Red White Red Card :

Applicants can get a RWR card:

  • If they are very high qualified workers
  • Other key workers
  • Graduates to colleges and universities of higher education

Different types of Austria Red White Red Card card:

There are two types of RWR card they are:

  • RWR card
  • RWR card plus

Austria Red White Red Card :

The applicant can move to any area and can work with certain employer.

Austria Red White Red Card plus:

The applicant can move and work anywhere in Austria.

Assessment and Application:

Very highly qualified workers:

Highly qualified workers can apply for this RWR card for the purpose of employment searching with competent Austria representation of their country residence.  To apply visa they don’t require an employer. If certain points are granted by Labour Market Service then this card is given to the applicant.

Highly qualified workers:

Highly qualified workers with a visa for job can apply for Austria Red White Red Card. The applicant can submit valid work contract during this visa period. Therefore Labour Market service checks whether the applicant meets criteria or not.

Family Members:

RWR card is issued by the residence authority. This card awards points on the basis of education, age, and work experience, language proficiency in German.

RWR Card Plus:

This RWR card plus is given to following groups of applicants:

  • Family members for applicants group 1-4 and EU blue card holder.
  • For the family members who are permanently settled in Austria.

Permanent Residency:

It is given only after 5 years stay in Austria.

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