Requirements for USA Tourist Visa


People who want to enter United States first need a visa. This visa allows the applicants to travel in United States. This visa is non immigrant visa if the applicants want to Migrate to USA for short period of time.  Immigrant visa is for individuals who want to work and live permanently in united states.

USA Tourist Visa (B-2) is a non immigrant visa meant for applicants who want to enter United Sates for medical treatment or pleasure. This visa is commonly known as tourist visa applicants want to go to United Sates for short period of time for business purpose.

Applicants who holds B-2 visa are not permitted to work or study during their stays in United States. This tourist visa doesn’t have equivalent dependent visa type. Dependents who have tourist visa holders will have to meet the criteria on their own basis for B-2 visas.

There are few important points that applicant must follow:

  • Visa must be approved to avoid denial of entry or boarding
  • Applicant passport should be valid at least for six months from the day they plan
  • Must understand the United States visa requirements

Selection Criteria:

  • Applicant must mention the purpose of United States trip (Medical treatment, Business or any other)
  • Applicant must assure authorities to plan to reside in United States only for specific period or limited.
  • Must prove binding ties outside the United States that will ensure to return to their homeland

Apart from above requirements for USA immigration the candidates must submit few other documents. /if the candidate is visiting for medical treatment he/she must get medical facility form showing the willingness to cure aliment along with cost and period for treatment and financial responsibility

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