Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Professionals

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled ProfessionalsThe Saskatchewan is one of the provinces in the western part of Canada. The region with the vast human resources employs immigrants in the Agriculture, forestry and fishing industries. It gives excellent visual treatment to the newcomers with its natural landscapes and pristine wilderness.

Though Canada is the largest nation in the world after Russia, its population is relatively small than its site. The aging population is also one more reason that hinders the growth of the Canada. So, Canada introduced liberal policies with stringent immigration procedures to welcome the qualified, skilled professionals who can work in its provinces.

The Federal System of Governance allows the provinces to bring professionals to meet the labor market shortage areas of the provinces. The Saskatchewan’s Provincial Nominee Program serves the purpose, through this program immigrants are hired for the industries of the province.

Immigration is aligned with labor shortage; the individuals who are well equipped with the skills that meet the requirements set by the province can easily migrate to Canada.

The Saskatchewan’s Provincial Nominee Program (SINP) attracts the experienced professionals with required skill set; those who are qualified may receive Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Certificate. That further makes visa processing faster and makes the easy Migration to Canada for the qualified individuals.

The three most important categories of the Saskatchewan’s Provincial Nominee Program are:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category

All the programs mentioned above have sub-categories; all the programs are specifically designed to drive the economy. To welcome the qualified professionals who can join its work force.

The three programs have sub-categories again:

International Skilled Worker Category

  • International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer
  • International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand
  • International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry

Saskatchewan Experience Category

  • Existing Work Permit
  • Health Professionals
  • Hospitality Sector Project
  • Long Haul Truck Driver Project
  • Students

Entrepreneur and Farm Category

  • Entrepreneur Sub-Category
  • Farm Owners and Operators Sub-Category

All the above programs are meant to meet the labor shortage areas of the Canadian Province; the requirements for each category are comprehensive.  All the visa programs are industry specific; and the candidates who cut the mark can approach any reputed Canada Visa consultants for their visa.

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