Secure your future by applying for Denmark Green Card

Denmark GreencardDenmark is the most safest and peaceful country for migration. It is one of the lucrative countries which have excellent system of education. Denmark offers variety of job opportunities for those who want to migrate abroad and want to settle in Denmark. If you are planning to Migrate to Denmark then start applying for a Denmark green card.

What is Denmark Green Card?

Denmark green card is a visa with lot of demand for Immigration to Denmark. Denmark green card is based on the points system. The candidate who is applying for the Denmark green card should score at least 100 points. Denmark green card is eligible for the skilled workers who want to live, work and settle in Denmark. The skilled immigrants of Non-European countries are permitted for Denmark Immigration and can live for three years for the purpose of finding the job through the scheme of Danish Green Card. Certain Requirements for Danish Green Card have to be met in order to get the Danish green card.

Denmark Green Card Requirements

  • The candidate needs to apply for the Denmark green card and earn the total points the master degree is a must for the candidate.
  • For receiving the points for your language skills you need to pass an assessment in either of the languages Swedish, Danish, English, German or Norwegian. The language test which you have passed only before two years will be considered.
  • You can get adaptability points if you have completed your studies of one to three years or worked for around one to two years in a Schengen country.

Features of Danish Green Card

  • Danish green card will be granted for a stay of three years and can be extended to four years.
  • If the candidate is staying in Denmark for more than four years then he/she can be eligible for the Permanent Residency of Denmark.
  • This visa allows the dependants along with the main applicant to enter Denmark.
  • If the candidate stays in Denmark for about nine years, then he/she will be eligible for the citizenship of Denmark.

So, migrate to Denmark along with the members of your family by applying for the Danish green card as it is the pathway for your immigration to Denmark.

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