Significance of Critical Skills Visa for South Africa immigration

South Africa critical skills visaThe Jewel of Africa-South Africa is a most popular destination for immigration. The country has attained fame in various aspects. Slowly, the country has emerged as a most appealing destination for immigration. The striking landscapes and lush wildlife lures people from all over the world to travel to this nation.  There exits many plains, mountains, desert climate, rivers, grasslands, lakes, beautiful waterfalls, forests and numerous animal species in the country. Now-a-days, the count of people preferring South Africa immigration has increasing progressively.People can apply for South Africa critical skill visa in order to migrate to this nation.

Immigration to South Africa

This Jewel nation is an abode for resources, but the nation is experiencing lack of skilled professionals in various occupations. Therefore, to fill the skill shortages in the nation the South African government is looking for foreign skilled nationals to migrate to South Africa and undertake work in any of scarce professions. And, South Africa critical skills visa is a proposal initiated by the government to address the skill shortages in the nation.

South Africa critical skill visa

Some skills in South Africa are deemed as critical. Overseas nationals with such qualifications or skills can apply for South Africa Critical Skills visa. The validity period of this visa is up to 5 years. Visa holders can bring their spouse and dependent children to South Africa, however, the period of stay in South Africa must not go beyond the validity period of primary applicants South Africa Critical Skills Visa.

South Africa Critical Skills Visa Requirements

Meet the below requirements in order to obtain the Critical Skills Visa

  • Proof of application for registration or certification with professional body, council or board recognized by SAQA
  • Proof of assessment of foreign qualification from SAQA andtranslated by sworn translator into one of the country’s official languages
  • Job offer must be produced within 12 months after obtaining Critical Skills Work Visa
  • Post qualification experience proof should be produced which includes testimonials or reference letters.

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