South Africa Critical skills visa makes it easier to work for Foreigners

South Africa Critical Skills VisaSouth African government given this critical skills work visa for skilled foreign workers.  Without any job this visa allows foreigners to migrate to South Africa. By the World Bank South Africa is ranked as upper middle income economy.

South Africa is the second largest in economy and twenty eighth largest in terms of purchase power party.  This country identified as a middle power in significant regional influence and international affairs.

Features of critical skill visa:

Without job offer candidate can enter South Africa, South Africa Critical skill visa is based on qualification and skills defined by the South Africa department of Home Affairs. This visa is given for three months and it is extended as per the authority. Candidates need to find job within visa grant period. Critical visa is extended to five years to a work permit. For general work visa application the candidate need to go through labor certification process.

Eligibility criteria:

For candidate education must be at least four years bachelors’ degree or three years bachelors along with a master’s degree with three year of relevant work.

Benefits of critical skill visa:

  • Applicant need not have any job offer while applying for visa.
  • Candidates need to go labor certification process which is required for the general work visa application
  • This visa is given only for three months to enter the South Africa and search for job as per their occupation in the list.


  • Required by the Act vaccination certificate
  • Passport size passport
  • Medical report
  • Birth certificate
  • Case of foreign spousal relationship or Marriage certificate

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