South Africa Critical Visa Helps Fill Shortage Gap of Skilled Workers

South Africa Critical Skills VisaThe South African government has recognized the areas that are lacking the educated and the staff who are experienced in order to fulfill the roles. It has also realized that the skills help to grow the economy of the country.

The work visa is not real complex as many people believe it to be.  If an individual has a prospective job offer and if he/she is struck with their future employer on this point, it would be advisable to organize any immigration lawyers or any specialists in order to call or meet the company for a free consultation.

South Africa critical skilled visa requirements

  • Prospective applicant must have a minimum age of at least 23 while filing the application
  • Hold the relevant work experience
  • Proficient in English language
  • Hold sufficient financial resources to support themselves financially during their stay
  • Occupation that is being chosen by an applicant must be in the published “Nominated Occupation List” of the nation
  • Possess minimum bachelors’ degree

Critical Skills Visa to South Africa helps in getting PR

Yes, it is possible to apply for PR on the basis of holding a Work visa. Any individual who has held a General work visa for nearing to 5 years may apply to PR. Holders of South Africa Critical Skills Visa may apply immediately. It is very advantage to get a contract of permanent employment, or an offer of permanent employment, at the time of application.

The critical Skill Work Visa is an option offered by the South African govt especially for the  skilled foreign workers in order to fill the shortage gap of workers who are skilled  according to the critical shortage occupation list. It will help the foreigners to enter the South Africa without a job offer and it will help them to search for a job and they can also convert the visa to work permit.  This nation is ranked as an upper middle economy by none other than World Bank, and it is considered to be a newly industrialized country.

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