Theresa May – Point Based Immigration “Not a Silver Bullet”

Theresa May Point based Immigration not a Silver BulletThe United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May has rejected the Australian style of immigration, considering it as “not a silver bullet’ to mitigate the immigrants coming to the United Kingdom.

The leave campaigners have immensely promoted the Australian-style immigration system for the United Kingdom including Boris Johnson throughout the referendum campaign. She was doubtful of such systems whether they work all the time or not. She promised that free movement of European Nationals would not continue after the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

Despite, the ‘Brexit’ supporters concern over huge money paid to the European Union Program’s, Theresa May has refused to forbid contributing funds to the European Union Program. She did not guarantee the leave pledge of reducing funds of GBP100 million a week for the state-sponsored National Health Services (NHS) or a cut in VAT on energy bills.

Speaking to Media during the G-20 summit in China, May said, “You really don’t want to ask a former home secretary about the intricacies of points-based systems. It might take a very long time answering your question.”

“One of the issues is whether or not points-based systems do work, and so forth. What I say is the voice of the British people was very clear. They wanted control in the issue of the movement of people coming in from the European Union. They didn’t want free movement to continue as it has done in the past. We will be going out there to deliver on that.”

She added: “A lot of people talk about the points-based system as always being the answer in immigration. There is no single silver bullet that is the answer in terms of dealing with immigration.”

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