Travel to Australia under Australian Visit Visa

Travel to Australia under Australian Visit Visa

Australia is a perfect place for people who wish to start either a new business or invest in existing business. So, for Immigration to Australia whether you are a traveller or a business person, applying for an Australia Tourist Visa is the perfect option for you.

Australian Visit Visa allows you to stay in Australia for Applicant can stay up to 12 months or a short period of time it all depends on the purpose of visit and personal circumstances.

Visit Visa Conditions:

There are some of the rules for this visa:

  • Candidate must not work in Australia
  • While in Australia candidate must not study for more than three months.
  • With no further conditions visa may be granted.
  • The candidate must come back within validity of the visitor visa.

Visitor Visa features:

  • For business purpose or to visit
  • For up to six, three or 12 months.
  • The application charge are from AUD 135 to AUD 340
  • If the candidate holds a right passport they can apply for a cheaper visa or fee visa.
  • The candidate must be passport holder of certain country. The e-visitor subclass 651 visa is free.
  • For electronic travel authority visa the service charge is AUD 20

Visa Requirements:

This visa is granted if you are travelling to Australia

  • To visit family
  • On a tour with some agent
  • For business visitor
  • As a Visitor
  • Tourist stream of the visitor visa can apply online if the particular candidate is in Australia.
  • If the candidate is outside of Australia only some passport holders are eligible to apply online.
  • If you cannot apply online you can apply through paper application.

Apart from this the particular candidate must undertake health examination. The applicant can also use online service. Mostly all the applicants are required to undertake health examination, therefore this service reduce overall visa processing time.

Few reasons why candidate may be asked to undertake medicals:

  • Persons likely to work as nurse, doctors, dentist and paramedic.
  • Applicants over 75 years old (Aged visitors)
  • Persons likely to enter health care environment, classroom, and hospital environment.
  • Stay of more than three months
  • Here health declaration is for identifying health condition of an applicant.

Therefore health examination is submitted electronically to the department for processing. The applicants then apply for visa application. Therefore health examinations provide HAP ID. This ID is useful in the processing time of visa application.

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