UK dependent visa offer easier access to join your loved one in Britain

apply for a UK Dependent VisaEvery year, a large number of individuals migrate to UK for studies and employment opportunities. While the country offer diverse visa options for working and studying in the UK, there also exist another special category of visa for the eligible family members of UK visa holders.  The UK government’s main intention behind the dependent visa initiation is to unite eligible applicants with their family members, who are already residing in the UK.

UK dependent visa

The UK Dependent Visa is applicable for the dependents of individuals’, who is are already residing in the UK. Applicants, who are thinking to join their loved ones in the UK, can apply for UK dependent visa. This type of application typically applies to family and children of UK tier1, tier 2, tier 4 and tier 5 visa holders.

If the application for dependent visa is successful granted then overseas national can enter and live in the UK without any restrictions. And, additionally there no work limitations placed on dependency visa holders.

Requirements for UK Dependent Visa

In order to qualify for the UK dependent visa, you must be either a

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried same sex partner, with whom you have resided for minimum two years
  • Civil partner
  • Dependent child below 18 years
  • Requirements for UK Dependent Visa

The following requirements that should be met by the sponsor of applicant while lodging an application for UK dependent visa:

  • Sponsor should be studying post graduation for at least  12 months
  • Sponsor should have enough funds to support his or her dependents in the UK

If your loved ones are also residing in the UK and you want to accompany them, then you can apply for UK dependent visa.

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