Few Uncommon Facts About Canada

CanadaEvery country in the world has some rare and not so famous facts and places which makes them unique in its own way. Recently during an official visit to Canada I got engaged into an interaction with my fellow passenger in the tube.I had been to Canada a couple of times earlier but this time I saw Canada from a new angle.

Size does matter, but when compared with some of the biggest economics of the world then it matters the most. We all know are aware of the fact that Canada is the second largest country in the world, but how many have an answer to this – How vast is the vastness of Canada? Well, the maple leaf country is thrice the size of  the entire Indian Subcontinent, five times the size of Mexico and is way bigger than the entire EU and UK collectively.

Alert? Calm down, nothing to worry when I say alert. Alert is the northern most tip of Canada and is only 817 Kilometers away from the North Pole. The fact which makes Alert in my list is that the place is inhabited despite the adverse climatic conditions. The recorded temperature of the place falls down to -32.19 degree celsius during the cooler months.

You love to walk on the beach? Nah… The country is surrounded by three different oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic. It would take almost four and half years to walk through the entire coastline. I bet even the brave heart walkers would not dare to do this considering the climatic conditions.

Place to get lost in the woods. One fact which left me thinking was about the National Parks in Canada. The well maintained National Parks of the country are bigger then several countries. For example  Nahanni National Park Reserve in Northwest Territory  sprawls over an area of 30,050 sq. km. The National Park is bigger than Albania and Israel.

Quebec – City with fortified walls. Everyone knows this name due to its regular mention in news recently for its unique visa application process. The Important fact which most of the people visiting Canada are unaware of is that Quebec has FORTIFIED WALLS. Fortification of Quebec was initiated by the French but was completed by the English. Due to this unique historical feature the entire district has been declared as World Heritage Site  by UNESCO.

Before I could get some more information about the beautiful country it was time for me to get down. I wish I get to meet the gentleman again and get some more information. I went unprepared but anyone visiting Canada should plan to cover atleast few of the mentioned places while in the country.

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