Undergo USA Work Study Program to work while studying in US

USA Work Study ProgramMost of the students from all over the globe aim to get higher qualification degree in US as they look for better life style and job opportunities. However, prior you go ahead and study there, you should obtain a USA student permit. This permit is a legal document given for international students to reside and study in US.

Even, the government of US welcomes overseas students to arrive in the country. Thus, it has initiated several student visa programs for students. And, of those, USA Work Study Program is one of the major programs. The specialty of this program is that it allows international students to study and undertake work in full-time or part-time job simultaneously.

USA Work Study Program

Under, USA Work Study Program international students can study and work in USA for a certain period. The following are the reasons why people prefer to apply for USA Work Study Program.

  • Easy access to the USA
  • No prior job offer needed
  • Opportunity to undertake full-time paid work as well as earn a valuable internationally recognized Degree in the USA.
  • Amazing chance for IT professionals
  • Wide variety of programs offered
  • No need of GMAT/GRE/TOEFL scores
  • Cost effective and affordable.
  • Work and study simultaneously
  • Exposure to the US work environment.
  • Chance to employ along with other US employees


Individuals need to comply with below requirements to become eligible for USA work study program:

  • At least 15-16 years of study.
  • Bachelor’s degree is required
  • IELTS/TOEFL score is not mandatory
  • Enough funds to survive in the USA
  • Willing to work during the day and attend classes during the evenings or weekends.

If you are also planning to work and study in the USA, apply for USA work study program.

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