US H4 Dependent Visa for Spouse Immigration

USA H4 Dependent VisasIs your spouse is willing to come to the  US under H-4 Dependent Visa? Well, this would be very easy for a spouse to get H-4 Visa. However, if the main applicant of the family is holding is H-1 B holder in the US this would be quite easy for a spouse to get Dependent Visa so that family can accompany them.

H-1B holder along with the spouse and children below 21 years are only qualified for this Visa according to the Immigration system. This would be possibly the best option for a spouse to live with their family. Therefore, you can migrate to USA under H-4 Dependent Visa. It is issued by the USCIS. If you are unaware of what all the documents need to be submitted regarding Depending Visa.

Here are the easy steps for all your documentations.

  • You need to file a separate form for the non-immigration visa application under DS-160.
  • Original Fee receipt of Visa
  • Passport and Photographs
  • Interview appointment letter which was issued by the US consulate
  • Original birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Copy of H1 passport
  • Employment verification letter of the H-1B

But as this is a Dependent Visa you do not have the legal authority to find employment or do any work in the United States. H-4 Visa can get only driver’s license. For taxation purposes,  an applicant is needed to enroll at school or university to get tax ID with ITIN number before filing form W-7 for joint tax returns. For working in the US under H-4 Dependent visa,  it may take time but later it may get approved.

These are the terms and conditions for the H-4 Dependent Visa. In order to migrate to the United States, an applicant should satisfy all the Numerous Immigration Lawyer services and can Migrate to USA under H-4 Dependent Visa.

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