USA Work Study Program

USA Work Study Visa ProgramMost of the Indian students acknowledge USA as their best and favorite place for their education. There are more than a 100,000 students from India who are studying at universities in USA. This indicates the tie between both the countries India and USA. To meet the demand of increase in student visas the mission of US has increased the education funds for the advertising centers in USA at (USIEF) US-India Education Foundation.

Why work while studying?

 If you have planned to Study in USA you need to have enough funds to support till the end of your study. As the tuition rates are very expensive in the colleges most of the foreign students pay for tuitions which are out of state. Every year there has been hike in the tuition rates which does not include the health insurance, transportation, cost of books, and room and board. This might be a great hurdle for the foreign students and force them to save money for their sources. And this makes the students feel that it would be nice if they work as well as study at the same time.

What is USA work study program?

USA work study program provides employment for the foreign students. It enables the students to Work in USA during the day and attend the classes in the weekends, employment on and off the campus companies, facility of full time as well as part time jobs, and they are paid good American salaries. The USA Work-Study Program is applicable for both Master students as well as the undergraduate students.

For the undergraduates and graduates employment can be done up to 20 hours every week on the basis of part time. While the first year of education, they can work on campus like school gym, book store, cafeteria, or library. The CPT gives the foreign students authority to get employment training and to be employed in the position of paid internships.

In order to be hassle free about your education the work study program by USA is a great support for the international students. The USA work-study Program allows you to be successful in your career and to fulfill all your dreams.

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