Various Processes for South Africa Immigration

Various Processes for South Africa ImmigrationAre you interested in South Africa Immigration? Want to know the process of migrating to South Africa? Well, here is some information concerning South African Immigration.

South Africa has arich wild life and holds the interests of nature lovers and adventures. It is also known as the jewel of Africa’. Not only does it have a rich wildlife, buthas a number of opportunities. It is an ideal destination to achieve your objectives. Due to its quality of life and stable trade market, South Africa is one of the preferred countries for migration.

International candidates, who wish to migrate to South Africa need to know the process of immigration and its requirements.

Immigration Categories for South Africa:

There are 2 types of categories for South Africa immigration process. They are:

Direct Residence

Residence on other Grounds

Direct Residence:

This category is provided to the non-citizens who have been working in the country for a minimum of 5 years on a work permit and have a permanent job. If the candidates meet the requirements, then the family members are allowed to apply for a permanent residence.

Residence on othergrounds: This category should contain

Idea to set up a new business

Must have a job offer from the concerned organisation

Outstanding skills and qualification

International candidates who wish to migrate to South Africa should apply a visitor visa to travel up to 90 days.

Requirements of SouthAfrica Immigration

You should have a valid Passport

One blank page in the passport for endorsements

You must have sufficient funds during time period of stay

You should have excellent skills and language proficiency

You must obtain a to and fro ticket.

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