Various types of Denmark work permit schemes you have ever been known

Denmark-work-permitDenmark tops the chart of leading EU nations which welcomes number of skilled workers from all over the globe. Individuals, aims to migrate to Denmark because of its work life, steady exceptional business environment as well as well-organized state. Overseas nationals should obtain Denmark Work Permit as well as residence permit to stay and work in Denmark.

Denmark Work Permit schemes:

Danish government has structured various schemes to make it simpler for overseas skilled professionals to acquire a Denmark Work Permit as well as residence permit. The basic requirements to obtain Denmark Work visa mainly depends on the nationality as well as qualifications of the individual. However, the following are the special schemes or plans introduced by the Danish government to work and stay in Denmark temporarily.

1.       Positive list:

List of professions are specified under this scheme, which are currently experiencing skill shortages. Individuals with substantial job offer in any if these professions along with qualifications can get access to county’s labor market.

2.       Pay limit scheme:

Individuals who hold a job offer with more than specified limit yearly income particularly for easier access into Danish labor market can apply for this scheme.

3.      Fast-track scheme

This is a residence permit scheme. It is contingent upon the Danish firm in being certified by the Denmark Agency for Labor Market & Recruitment. This scheme enables licensed companies to rapidly hire certain types of highly skilled abroad professionals.

4.       Greencard scheme

The Denmark Greencard scheme is made available for highly skilled professionals to come to Denmark in order to look for job and subsequently work in Denmark. This green card scheme is one of the work permit schemes that follow point based system. Here, points will be awarded based on the various aspects. And applicant needs to score at least 100 points to obtain residence and work permit.

If you are also planning to work in Denmark, lodge application under any of the work permits schemes.

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