Want to Avail Amazing Benefits of US PR Quickly? Apply for USA EB5 Visa Right Now

USA EB-5 Investor VisaWould you like to move USA as soon as possible and attain PR? Well, consider USA EB5 Visa as a prospective choice.

The United States of America remains to be a top destination in welcoming immigrants from all over the world. Getting the prized green card in the US might be a dream for most of the individuals, but with the US EB5 visa this dream can be turn into reality in a faster pace. Obtaining US Green Card and enjoying its permanent residency rights is something, which lures a large number of investor immigrants from across the globe.

USA EB5 Visa

Basically, the much-talked and well known USA EB5 Visa path is a simpler and swifter way to attain US permanent resident visa. This program is called as an alien investor permit, which is basically intended for overseas individuals who are ready to make an investment in a new commercial venture on the territories of the United States. Being an immigrant permit, this visa signifies that overseas individual and his or her spouse and kids would get valuable and much sought after PR status in country. Considerably, citizenship can be obtained after five years.

Requirements for USA EB5 Visa

USA EB5 visa program is created by the USCIS to fuel the US economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. All EB-5 visa investors should invest in a new commercial enterprise, which was:

  • Launched after 296 November 1990, or
  • Launched on or before 29 Nov. 1990, given that
    • Purchased and the current business is reorganized in such a manner that a new commercial enterprise results, or it enterprise should be expanded by the investment so that a 40% rise in the net worth or count of employees.

Besides this, individuals should also meet certain job creation requirements as well as Capital investment requirements.

Job creation requirements

  • Create and save at least 10 full-time jobs for eligible US employees within a period of two years of investor’s admission to the US as a conditional PR
  • Must create or save either direct or indirect jobs

Capital Investment Requirements

In general, immigrant investor must invest at least $1 million in the US

In targeted employment area, minimum amount of investment is either in a rural area or high-unemployment area is $500,000.

If individuals meet the aforesaid requirements, then they can apply for USA EB5 Visa immediately to avail the excellent benefits of the US PR. 

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