Want to Migrate to Austria? Know Everything about Red White Red Card

Austria Red White Red CardAre you interested to migrate to Austria for better career opportunities? Looking for best visa option? Well, then you would be glad to know that Austria red white red Card is an ideal visa option to migrate and work in Austria.

Austria, officially known as the “Republic of Austria” is a country located in the Central Europe. This country is most affluent nation not only in the Europe but also in the entire world. At present, Austria is facing acute skill shortages in various sectors. The only solution for this situation has been sought by seeking required skills from overseas. Thus, Austria has come up with a work permit entitled as Austria red white red card.

Austria red white red card

Red white red card to Austria simplifies immigration process for third party nationals and their family members who aim to settle in Austria permanently. Austria red white red card is granted for a period up to twelve months and entitles the card holder for a fixed-term settlement and job offer by a specified employer.

Austria Red White Red Card eligibility criteria  

The below persons are eligible to apply for Austria Red White Red Card:

  • Very highly skilled workers
  • Skilled workers in scarce occupations
  • Other key employees
  • Student graduates from Austrian universities as well as colleges of higher education
  • Self-employed key employees

Requirements for Austria Red White Red Card

The below requirements should be met in order to obtain Austria Red White Red Card:

  • Enough funds

Applicant should have regular and fixed income to cover his/her daily expenses without relying on other welfare aid from local authorities.

  • For singles applicants: €872.31
  • For couples: €1,307.89
  • For each child an extra: €134.59

Health Insurance Coverage

Applicant should hold health insurance coverage

  • Adequate accommodation

The applicant should also produce proof of accommodation considered adequate for his/her family size as per the local standards.

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