Want to search a job in Germany? Get job seeker visa

Germany Job Seeker VisaMulling to migrate to Germany to work in a leading organization? Worried about a job offer from a German employer? Well, no need to take stress about the job offer. You would be glad to know that you can also migrate to Germany without a prior job offer using Germany job seeker visa. Individuals can obtain this visa to move to Germany in seek of job opportunities. After attaining the job, they are should get a work visa and to work in Germany.

Germany is one of the leading nations in Europe. It lures overseas nationals to migrate and work over there. With a robust economy, high quality life and ample opportunities the country has become a preferred immigration destination. Due to lack of skilled employees, the country is welcoming overseas nationals to come there and fill the vacant jobs in Germany.

Germany job seeker visa

In a bid to encourage overseas skilled employees to migrate to Germany, the government has initiated Germany Jobseeker Visa on 1 August 2012. This visa is specially designed for graduates with a German or other standard university degree or a foreign degree equal to a German degree. This visa allows overseas nationals to dwell in Germany for a period up to six months and seek employment. Individuals are not permitted to work on this visa.

Requirements for Germany job seeker visa

The following are the basic requirements for obtaining Germany job seeker visa:

  • Applicants should hold an accredited qualification from German Universities or foreign degrees comparable to German Degrees.
  • Applicants should have enough funds and accommodation
  • Applicants must hold travel and medical insurance
  • Having enough years of experience in the nominated profession can assist individuals in finding jobs in Germany, though it is not a compulsory requirement

Under the job seeker visa, there is no specific eligible occupations list. However, the country is facing skill shortages in the professions such as Engineering, IT and Scientific Research.

Benefits of Germany Job seeker visa

The following are the some of the benefits of Germany job seeker visa

  • Can reside and seek job in Germany
  • No prior job offer is required

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