Do You Wish to Learn How to Migrate to Denmark?

migrate to DenmarkAre you planning to Migrate to Denmark? Perplexed to choose best Denmark visa option? Well, this article gives you complete details on Denmark immigration process and familiarizes you with Denmark Greencard scheme that makes laid your path to Denmark.

Denmark is known as a safe country to live. With low crime, beautiful environment and good public health services, the country has turned to be a leading destination for immigration. The number of Indians migrating to Denmark has been increasing sharply in the past few years. People in this nation feel, secured and safe. In the recent times, most of the individuals migrated to Denmark on Greencard scheme.

Reasons to Migrate to Denmark

The following are the reasons why people prefer to migrate to Denmark

  • Lack of skilled workers
  • Better public services
  • Reputed education system
  • Egalitarian society
  • World safe place

Individuals aspiring for Denmark immigration need to apply for Denmark Greencard, as it are the ideal option.

Denmark Greencard

Denmark Greencard is a residence permit as well as work permit granted to seek job and work in Denmark. This card is granted based on the individual evaluation in the point system. Under the Greencard scheme, overseas nationals can engage paid or unpaid work for a period up to two years, later visa extension is possible for additional three years.

Denmark Greencard conditions

Applicants to obtain residence permit under the greencard scheme, they should secure at least 100 points. Points will be awarded based on three aspects such as educational level, language skills and adaptability. Apart from securing points, individuals must take out a full health insurance and after acquiring residence permit, applicant must earn at least DKK 50,000 in Denmark.

Reforms in Denmark Greencard

Effective 1 January 2015, a special version of Greencard scheme has been introduced for students. This scheme allows international students who complete their higher educational program in Denmark to reside in Denmark after completing their graduation in order to look for work.

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